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We know that Pleasanton homeowners are fully capable of performing most of their property repairs on their own. When it comes to your garage door however, there are some things that are best left to professional technicians like those at Valuemax Pleasanton Garage Door Repair. Some garage door repair jobs can be especially dangerous, like garage door spring replacement. So if you run into a problem with your springs, be sure to call Valuemax today and we'll send someone out. When it comes to routine monthly garage door maintenance however, there are some things that can be done easily, such as those listed below:

  • Garage Door Roller and Hinge Lubrication: Make sure to keep an eye out for poorly lubed parts of your garage door. Though it's not necessary to lubricate them each month, if you notice your rollers and/or hinges need a little lubrication, make sure to apply some. If maintained improperly these garage door components can and will wear out quickly.

  • Look for Loose Bolts: The bolts in your garage door can become loose from the large amount of pressure it takes to lift and lower your doors. This can begin to cause some noticeable wear to your garage door so it would be best to tighten them as you find them in order to prevent any future problems. It is very important to remember to keep away from the assembly bracket bolts however. As those can be fairly dangerous when handled incorrectly.

  • Exterior Garage Door Maintenance: Make certain that your keep your wood garage doors stained or painted insane and out in order to keep it looking good and in top condition.

  • Locks: If you're having problems locking your garage doors, please do not try to force them. You might end up breaking off the key inside the cylinder. Instead, try buy and applying some graphite-based lock lubricant and try to gently work the key inside. If it turns freely but does not lock/unlock, be sure to check the lock bars inside the garage door lock to see if they're positioned correctly.

You can find a more comprehensive list by looking at our garage door inspection sheet as well. Remember however, if you run into something that appears to be very complex, or has anything to do with the springs or cables, call Valuemax Pleasanton Garage Door Repair today. Contact us locally at (925) 588-7025 or toll-free at (866) 575-9050 now and experience the Valuemax difference for yourself!

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