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Garage Door Repair Safety Tips Pleasanton

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Read our Garage Doors Safety tips when servicing your own garage door!

When Valuemax installs a garage door into your Pleasanton home, we make certain it will work smoothly. Keep in mind that your garage doors are extremely heavy and the mechanism that's used to open and close them stores a lot of pressure in your garage door's springs. Due to this, it would be safest for you and your family to stay a safe distance away. In order to help protect you and your family further, we've provided a list of safety tips:

  • We've created a garage door inspection sheet for you to look over in order to perform basic monthly inspection and see if anything might be wrong with you garage door. Also remember to perform basic monthly maintenance, such as periodically applying lubricant to the rollers and hinges.

  • Children should not be allowed to play in the garage area and/or around your garage door. Though it may not seem very dangerous, if they got too close to the wrong part or something on your garage door suddenly broke, the results could be disastrous. This also goes for allowing them to play with the wall switch and garage door opener.

  • As we mentioned previously, garage door springs hold onto a significant amount of pressure in order to raise and lower your garage door. Attempting to repair or replace them and/or your cables could leave whoever was near with serious, potentially life-changing injuries. So if you notice that they might need to be repaired or replaced, please call a professional garage door repair company like Valuemax to come in and replace the springs for you.

  • Trying to work with the bolts on the bottom brackets of your garage door could also be dangerous. They connect with the spring system and as such are also under incredibly high amounts of pressure and can cause serious injuries if handled incorrectly.

If you discover your garage door needs more than simple routine maintenance, please call us and leave the dangerous repairs to the professionals at Valuemax Garage Door Repair Pleasanton. We're available 2/47 so be sure to call us locally at (925) 588-7025 or toll-free at (866) 575-9050 any time.

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